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    Why Choose Us?
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  • Design Group 547 is a cutting-edge design firm, dedicated to providing quality service and superior products for interior and exterior design. Whether you are planning to model, remodel or decorate your home or business, you need to consult with Design Group 547.

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    Design Services Sales
    We design personal and professional interiors and exteriors. Residential, commercial, industrial...we do it all! We can help you with any step or manage your entire project. Either way, we will dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best solutions. Add comfort and style into your home or office with unique furnishings from Design Group 547. We can take your own unique style to create a professional and functional environment for you.
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    "We pride ourselves in 'doing the impossible', translating our client's idea into dynamic, dramatic design interior architecture that most often surpasses their expectations."

    - Jerome V. Baillargeon

    What does Design Group 547 do?

    Design Group 547 Inc.
    Space Planners - Interior/Exterior Designers - Project Managers
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